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& nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] ????? on the eve of "World Intellectual Property Day 426", announced Shanghai Customs seized the first free trade zone involving the entry of goods infringing intellectual property rights cases the relevant circumstances. According to Shanghai Customs introduced them by tracking surveillance, March 6 seized in one fell swoop the company declared a free trade zone entry labeled "NIKE and hook map" trademark shoes 10,164 pairs in Yangshan Port. By Nike International Ltd. confirmed that the goods infringed its "NIKE and hook map" trademark rights. Preliminary statistics, the market value of goods involved approximately RMB 500 million yuan. It is reported that, as early as January of this year, Shanghai Customs regulations at the officers during routine combing analysis cheap jordans online of cases with the EU Customs data exchange, the communication of information from a Hamburg customs attracted the attention of customs officers. After a preliminary analysis, the Shanghai Customs judgment is likely to send the goods to Shanghai port, handling and customs officers immediately contact the Hamburg customs, the goods made more detailed shipping information, and immediately begin monitoring the implementation of the goods. At that time, the goods did not declare in Hamburg. January 21, the goods arrived in Shanghai Yangshan Port, but the delay in the declaration, even more than the 14 days period of regular imported goods declaration shall apply to the customs declaration. Considering the actual owner might find a buyer waiting in the wings of the goods shipped, and the use of bonded way to reduce tra Retro jordans for sale de costs, therefore, in addition to Shanghai customs import continue to be regular monitoring, while the entry FTA also strengthened links live surveillance. When March 6, in the customs declaration outlaws the containers off the Yangshan Port, Customs and decisive implementation of the box inspection. After the door opened stacked in boxes disguised as unmarked cargo, customs officers seized a large number of infringement in the box of Nike sneakers. According to Shanghai Customs Deputy Commissioner Zhengju Gang, this is the Shanghai Customs seized since the first entry FTA cargo infringement, criminals attempt to use Shanghai FTA "line release" principle to facilitate customs clearance to avoid regulation. It is reported that last year, Shanghai Customs has introduced a free trade area of ??23 institutional Retro jordans for sale reform and innovation in the field of customs supervision, including nine systems and intellectual property. According to customs data, in 2014, Shanghai Customs seized 461 IPR infringement cases, involving 35.75 million of goods, worth 44.62 million yuan. January to March this year uncovered 69 infringement cases, involving 2.9 million cargo. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: St. Enxi fashion shoes)[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] in a trademark case to Liu Xiang and Nike again linked together, and all this due to Nike's Liu Xiang's name and image for commercial use as a trademark insistence. Liu Xiang for Nike and the pair of & quot; gold partner & quot ;, sources said, as early as 2004, Liu Xiang became the name before, Nike signed an agr Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping eement with Liu Xiang, and apply for registration of a series designed specifically for Liu Xiang trademark , including & quot; liuxiang & quot;, & quot; LX & quot; and trapeze hurdles graphics. But a series of trademarks, but can not see the trapeze Chinese name - & quot; trademark; Liu & quot. In fact, Nike has been proposed to the judges registered & quot; Liu & quot; as a trademark, did not get the approval of the judges. And the judges reject reason is due to the presence of a Nike Liu Xiang Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai. It is understood that, in July 1986, Shanghai Liu Xiang Industrial Co., Ltd. registered the & quot; Liu brand & quot; mark, its application for registration of the type of clothing, the exclusive right to the trademark term until 2017. Liu Xiang, the Shanghai Industrial Co., Ltd. regi Cheap air jordans for sale stered trademark by & quot; constituting characters and graphics eagle; Liu brand & quot. TRAB that, after Shanghai Liu Xiang Industrial Co., Ltd. registered & quot; Liu brand & quot; trademarks, & quot; cards & quot; word of significantly weaker, & quot; Liu & quot; the word most likely to be remembered and identification. Therefore, an application for registration of Nike & quot; Liu & quot; trademark, easy to make ordinary consumers mistakenly believe that the association between the two, and registered trademarks are two types of clothing products, and therefore rejected Nike's request. However, the judges ruling does not dispel Nike & quot; trademark stubborn; Liu & quot. Recently, Nike will TRAB taken to court, the Beijing Intermediate Court hearing of the case before. It is reported that the face of Cheap air jordan 12 ovo the reasons given by the judges, Nike's agent said, based on Liu Xiang's huge popularity and Nike's global influence, consumers will not apply to Nike & quot; & quot Liu Xiang ; trademark and prior & quot; Liu brand & quot; trademark confusion together. But the judges agent stressed that no matter how high visibility Liu Xiang, can not infringe on the rights of the earlier mark. As for Liu Xiang himself commercialize the use or right to a name, and they declined to comment. For Nike, the judges move this prosecution, the investment adviser of light industry researcher Xiong Xiaokun told reporters, Liu Xiang Nike insists registered trademark because Liu Xiang high visibility and influence in China, and can produce good publicity. Xiong Xiaokun that the current Nike signed up & quot; liuxiang & quot;, & quot; gra cheap foamposites phics, trademarks, and trapeze hurdles, but because it is not directly use the & quot;; LX & quot Liu Xiang & quot; trademark, which Liu Xiang spelling or phonetic shorthand trademark does not give Nike brings ideal publicity, for which Nike wanted to compete & quot; Liu & quot; trademark, to further enhance the visibility of its products. However, the reporter interviewed several people in the industry have indicated that you do not see Nike launched in the market in order to & quot; liuxiang & quot;, & quot; LX & quot; or the like as a graphic trapeze hurdles trademarks. In this regard, brand marketing expert Li from said Nike products particularly good use of the knowledge to protect their own commercial interests, so the main brand Nike launched a symbolic thing, while the design will often involved surroun cheap jordan shoes for men ding the main brand as a trademark to register, but Nike does not have to use the trademark to launch the appropriate products. & quot; This is probably Nike inertia action, the protection of 'Liu' and extending trademarks, except for the sake of future development, in addition also to guard against certain risks. & Quot; Li played explained. It is worth noting that the past eight years, Nike Chinese athletes the choice seems to have been relatively & quot; preference & quot; Liu Xiang, but for an athlete, the Liu Xiang athletic career for how long has been the industry's hot topic. In this regard, sports marketing experts Ji Ning told reporters, Liu Xiang as the commercial value of an athlete is certainly in decline, but the commercial value of athletes more than just a short-term event marketing value, but cheap jordans for sale a combination of sports industry and long-term value. However, the industry worried that, despite the Nike said Liu himself has been legally authorized, and therefore entitled to Liu's name, image as a trademark for commercial use. However, such authorization whether Liu Xiang's cooperation with Nike and suspension and failure, if that's the case, Nike hard in pursuit of & quot;? Liu Xiang & quot; trademark can be used on a few years ? In this regard, the reporter contacted Liu Xiang Nike aspect when asked for his name and Nike signed the agreement authorizing commercial use, but Nike China, public relations related to & quot; in the matter is under judicial proceedings, our inconvenience this matter of speech & quot; refused to provide any information. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most pr cheap jordans for sale mens ofessional Footwear News)Shooting Just 'Attack on Titan, "live action movie version starred in the big hot movie actress Kiko Mizuhara supermodel recently to participate in the famous fashion boutiques Opening Ceremony of the 2016 autumn and winter release catalog of them, overwhelmed by playing retro series theme, the products covered 1960s hot trumpet trousers, woolen coats, diamond print shirt and other vintage single product, whether it is clothing of the overall mix or Kiko Mizuhara unique charm of interpretation are filled with elegant and beautiful American retro, very attractive eyeball, interested friends may wish to pay close attention to the sale of a single product series.Boost this innovative invention in the running circle first set off a whirlwind through its will be able to absorb the impact and the release characteristics for the subsequent action of energy, whether professional players or general users, Boost will lead us to the next level, and in July 2014 Adidas officially released its latest Boost technology of basketball shoes adidasD Rose and 5Boost CrazylightBoost, let this sports shoes revolution officially extended to the stage in the basketball field, CrazylightBoost has successfully played forward, to see him D Rose 5Boost will have what to pay attention to, with the official video for this movie is to kick off the light in Rose to make a sign between the legs dunk after flying Boost capsule, enough to make people look forward to the actual feeling. video (click on the original view): the red version actually not in the familiar 'Brenda' color, but with rose 2 subway color, Rose's house is located in the Chicago Metro red line, so the tongue meeting to relevant details (see the end of this icon), while black is away version, in addition to the different color, the Xiaobian see all d rose 5Boost, no any two versions using the same upper material is this generation did not specifically mentioned but it can be seen that the heart place, then into the performance, to further understand this pair of Adidas. to the feet with plenty of help at the end of the tip of the science and technology - BoostAdidasRose in before the comeback once mentioned: "I will not because of injuries to change the style of play, I will through better exercise their own to maintain the sportsmanship. "It seems that Rose, so the launch of the D Rose 5Boost is the time. Boost the bottom is capsule with energy from hundreds of fusion, not only for shoes bring more comfortable foot feeling, after the absorption of the landing impact and instead offer excellent energy rebound, rose to help alleviate the wild play of the burden and let the explosive force still deeply threatening, 5 to say adidasD rose is the most suitable rose a pair of boots. SPRINTWEB upper SPRINTWEB vamp to maintain a good comfortable degree and protective, the upper air hole is dressed in a good sense of breathable role behind, the front also mentioned, this will continue in many different color version will surface material change, highlighting characteristics of different special styles, light is this year will have four color to meet with you, except at the appointed time will be able to taste different versions behind the story. Fit-cage support system EVAnew fit-cag〉 EVA

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