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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] According to reports, today (22 May) is World Water Day. Recently released Greenpeace report, Adidas, Nike, Li Ning, H & amp; on M and CK and other well-known clothing residual toxic and hazardous substances in the washing process will be a substantial release, thus water discharged into rivers, lakes and oceans will greatly harm people's health. Pollution chain famous brand What consumers how to "be" has become well-known brand pollution chain "accomplice" in it? Lee Green party peace pollution prevention project director, said that remaining in the clothing toxic and harmful substance called nonylphenol ether, abbreviation NPE, which are used for clothing manufacture and are discharged into rivers garment producing countries in the environmental pollution caused by local country. Lee side: In 2010, we went over the Yangtze River in the detection of wild fish, which is what we u cheap jordans for sale mens sually eat fish, found the same environmental hormones are among the fish. So, which clearly shows the toxic and hazardous substances in the chain. It is not only in the food we usually eat inside, in the rivers around us inside, in the clothes we wear inside, in the production process will be discharged to rivers producer. In the latest report, researchers including Adidas, Nike, Li Ning, Puma, Younger, H & amp; washing effect 14 samples of M and other well-known brands, including CK were detected. Lee party presented their detection process. Lee party: we released the new report is to simulate the process of washing clothes at home, washing clothes after the discovery of these hazardous substances discharged into the water with clothes in the river around us in. Consumers to environmental pollution "accomplice" Greenpeace pollution prevention projects and the main Renzhang Kai said, is discharged into rivers, la cheap jordans for sale kes and oceans of these hazardous substances NPE, will be converted into more toxic chemicals interfere with the endocrine system --NP (nonyl phenol). NP is recognized worldwide environmental hormones. Studies show that even very low concentrations of this substance emissions, but also very harmful. Zhang Kai: It has the persistence and bioaccumulation. In other words, once it is discharged into the environment, it will exist in the environment for a long time, and it can enter the food chain, and through the food chain progressively larger. It also has simulated the effect of estrogen, once it enters the living body, it will affect the organisms normal reproductive and developmental, can lead to reduction in the number of human sperm. Lee said the party, research shows that in textiles, which contains NPE residue can be cleaned, most just a few can be completely removed. However, these well-known clothing brands indi Retro jordans for sale rectly, to the public water emissions of these hazardous substances, so that consumers unknowingly cents in environmental pollution became "accomplice." Lee one: This time we want to prove is that they had unknowingly by consumers, they buy these brands of clothes, very normal washing at home, in the process, we are "being" into the pollution of "accomplice." We put these plants would have been discharged from the outfall environmental hormones, these hazardous substances transferred to the river to go around us. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)with red leather shoes collocation white soles, details with white injection, with "Congratulation" as the theme of the Chinese Chinese characters, bring a strong cultural atmosphere on the tongue and the upper.Robin Lopez in fifth before the war as usual in his shoes, graffiti, and named "Blaze of Glory" stands as a pioneer of Retro jordans for sale glory, but also declared his determination to win this war! At the end of this season but even frustrated, pioneer achievement progress obviously, this group of young lineup will be worth looking forward to. With the end of the season also means the creation of Lopez will temporarily end, this really let Xiaobian quite disappointed, because different from this several times for the finishing process can be seen in every NBA player, some habits before writing slogans remind themselves, like Lopez players saw for the first time, but also very appreciate every time he works. other works: flash / Robin Lopez Adidas Crazy Ghost drawing shoes: "Inkwells" " source: Sneakerreport / gustogummi88 often on the pitch with the Air Jordan series of special styles of Monta Ellis, in the days before the game for Air Jordan 7 Retro 'DB' collocation a retro, this color is Nike last year and Doernbecher children's Hospital (OHSU Doernbe cheap jordans online cher Children s Hospital) jointly launched one of the styles of charity series this series of shoes, and over the years the sales income will be donated to the hospital, as related to medical use. The design of the color of the Damien Phillips children with hemophilia a strong personality, he refused to learn to take care of themselves in the disease, I also continue to invest two of his love interest: guitar and basketball, this is why this pair of Air Jordan 7 on the heel of ribbon will appear as guitar strings and are interested in this series of shoes friends can also refer to our previous report station. source: SLAM / ZIMBIO people are eager to witness the record breaking moment of their athletes, or to accomplish seemingly impossible challenges, which happen to give sport enthusiasm and charm. "This is very important. It makes the game more attractive and pleasant. It goes beyond that and is made for a breakthr Cheap air jordans for sale ough."! "Sandy Bodecker, vice president of Nike special projects, said. for Sandy Bodecker, "breakthrough" refers to the Breaking2, a breakthrough in the marathon 2 hour mark bold attempt, to help run the marathon in two hours (the current marathon world record is 2:02:57). "I'm a dreamer," says Sandy Bodecker. "I work with other dreamers every day in an environment that encourages innovation and challenges.". 35 years ago, Sandy Bodecker joined Nike as a shoe on test coordinator. After that, he led Nike's first Global Football business. Later, he took part in creating the company's extreme sports business and served as the first global design director. Although Sandy Bodecker claims to indulge in the two hour marathon project for many years (he even stabbed 1:59:59 tattoo on the inside left wrist), but he can go beyond the limits of obsession back when he just remember. In fact, he'll tell you that he believes he was Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping born to go beyond the limit (or at least break the rules). "The first limit I overcame was before I learned to walk," he said. At that time, he slipped out of the pram and climbed out of the Central Park in New York, and climbed up the street west of Central Park. Then a police officer found him, picked him up and gave him to the baby sitter. , Sandy, Bodecker, Wu, Yue rendering. recently, Sandy Bodecker faces another, more difficult challenge: overcoming cancer. Although this is the final stage of the game, but also to adhere to, and nothing is more important than to win. "Because no second, so all your focus is to win, physically and mentally, and never become the second.". Finally, he won. And it was this experience that helped him understand the feelings of overcoming difficulties. but there are so many records in the world waiting to be broken. Why should we just challenge this project? "Running marathons in two cheap jordan shoes for men hours is one of the few challenges that can be rewritten once broken," says Sandy Bodecker. Two other records have redefined running: a 4 mile run in 1954, a breakthrough in 1983, and a 100 meter run for the first time in 10 seconds (official data). "Running the marathon in two hours is the last giant."Jordan Brand development of shoes, too numerous to mention, recently is toward high-end market development. Air Jordan Shine uses leather shoes, woven body and smooth head contrast, but also to show the gloss cortex. In addition, in order to enhance the overall texture, especially the use of metal shoes to take the lead in the design, very luxurious sense. Air Jordan Shine has been listed in Taiwan, the price of 12000 yuan. source: Wishadidas flagship shoes Ultra Boost in this year through many wonderful works being in the limelight capture, also with high ductility in colors on the Primeknit upper possibilities, all make cheap foamposites people feel amazing. In the latest exposure of this pair of 'Chinese New Year' in addition to see the colorful shoes, we can also infer from the details from the designer China culture capture elements as a source of inspiration for the tongue like embroidery Chinese font "Enlightenment" make people intuitively and the myth of the protagonist in the story of journey to the west one of the monkey king as Lenovo, coupled with years of the zodiac to calculate it next year also happens to be a monkey, the correct idea to still have to wait for the official with further information. source: @boostVibesThe Under Armour Curry 3 'Magi' Taiwan area was officially released on December 26th, with a price of NT$$5280, model 1269279-543. We collate Under Armour Facebook for you, Taiwan in the sales outlets announced, the actual sales methods, mechanisms and locations, transactions with the store announcement shall prevail. The sho Cheap air jordan 12 ovo es sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. - the flagship store address: - Shilin store address: Taipei Shihlin District, Great East Road No. 15-11 - store address: Feng Chia Taichung situn District Fuxing Road No. 409 Building 1 Tel: (04) - Kaohsiung Yucheng store address: Kaohsiung City Yucheng Zuoying District Road No. 478 Building 1 〈 br Tel: (07): 963-7122 source: Under, Armour, TaiwanJordan CP3. VII ASG and Jordan Super.Fly 2 ASG will be sold at the weekend, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, of course there will be some department store sale, also please telephone inquiries, the actual selling system and the way to the store please place machine transaction announcement. Wuchang 23 a smile sports sports Jordan CP3. VII Frederick ASG source: Nike, Inc believes that after the 90s bull Dynasty who is no stranger to the Air Way Up, because it is in the Chicago bulls season was the most brilliant 95~96 in a lot of players, not just because of this pair of shoes at the time looks impressive, black and red color with white shirt collocation let the more completely the Bulls seems momentum stronger than people of a Air Way Up for the first time next summer is engraved, like many small old fans should eagerly look forward to for a long time, we will help you to collate shoe newly released news closely locked. source: sneaker watchNike Air Trainer 1 SP "The Monotones Vol. 1" physical exposure 2013-12-08 23:45:41 Nike Sportswear will launch a gray themed footwear line this month, this series is named & nbsp; & nbsp; ". The Monotones Vol 1", has had small series for everyone to bring this series The first two members of an Air Force 1 SP and an Air Max 1 SP, This time, the third member is also officially surfaced that & nbsp; Nike Air Trainer 1. The & nbsp; Nike Air Trainer 1 SP still continues this series of design elements, in addition to setting all-gray outside, in the material with carbon fiber woven material with canvas fabric texture rendering, and injected ink embellishment. Currently this shoe has been ahead of the sale on eBay. goddess Wallace and Diva Jolin Tsai interpretation of women's collection is more colorful, real wear classic tailoring and sportswear combine Boyfriend Fit female lines highlight color, the light is converted to downtown Tokyo presented to the tape printing There are lines on the fabric texture. In addition, Superstar sweatshirts, three stripes T-Shirt and pants cuffs, etc. Originals classic contour Haute Couture fashion through the building, it is endowed with a sense of unprecedented sophisticated sportswear. yesterday to introduce the adidas to adidas D Rose 5 Boost introduced a new color, today officially announced the brand was all the family, which is the brand for the March Madness specially built new color design, which contains D Lillrad 1, J Wall 1 and D Rose 5 three pairs of signature shoes, the designers are white and gray rendering, texture camouflage outsole presents a whole exudes elegant atmosphere, it is learned that the series will be held March 6 official shelves for sale, and interested friends may wish to look it. Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte 5 joint shoes Spy Shots 2013-12-08 23:34:02 New York's famous shoe designer Ronnie Fieg & nbsp; per quarter will jointly launch a joint sports brand Asics shoes, this season, the two sides scheduled for us to bring a new co-branded footwear. The lead exposure on the network this & nbsp; Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte 5 local spy, spy photos, we can see that the shoes in red tone, into the gray and white. For more information please look at our follow-up reports.

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