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GUNDAM "Mobile Suit Gundam", the enduring classic cartoon robot, recently with the well-known sports brand Reebok launched jointly launch a joint cooperation in 2014 spring and summer shoes. The cooperation has been established for this year's shoes the 20th anniversary of & nbsp; Instapump Fury, were introduced two color shoes, were selected from the Earth Federation Forces are driving up Bao RX-78-2, and self-care Duchy Martha army special Zaku red comet MS-06S as its theme, will each be loaded with classic color on top Instapump Fury avant-garde shoes, is definitely one of the highlights of this colorful holiday feet. The se cheap jordans for sale mens ries will be on sale at designated shops recently, interested friends may pay more attention to the follow-up reports PKPOP!in May, Adidas will bring its first long promotional video, Away Days, for its skateboard extensions, while bringing the same theme "Adi-Ease Premiere " to "Away Days". white light green suede leather collocation material, toe stitching injected a few strands of sense of leisure shoes. is also presented with shoes and mini Katar key chain, how do you feel? A Bathing Ape Lookbook recently released spring 2010 brands, a shock is not new but this model, Bape Kanye West photographed ba Cheap air jordans for sale ck to invite friends but when the male pig. Uniform overalls, black MA1, plain URSUS Bape theme Tee hoodies, and washing tannins and other single product allows us to see the side of the 2010 Bape restrained deep. A Milo is a collection of the Hoodie on a generation of "Milo friends" cartoon image, quite memorable.has 10 Elite Low in reproducing Kobe Mambacurial color Kobe 8 appeared, still with black powder dress show, pink toe collocation black shoes, the overall use of Flyknit woven material to create a reverse Swoosh toe in keeping with the football shoes. you're so beautiful ~ you're so beautiful ~ you're so beautiful, ~ cheap jordans for sale ! NIKE KOBE 10 ELITE "MAMBACURIAL" color: Black / gray / powder number: 747212-010 release date: September 12th offer price: $200 after a round of debate and photo exposure, size? And Nike released Cement two Nike Air Max note don't color Light suit, which is a kind of grey with yellow, pink and purple, another is purple with a light green, gray and blue. The Nike logo made of suede and leather adds a lot of momentum to the suite. As a series of Part 1, the "Cement" suite will be available at size retail stores and online stores in August 30th. Beijing time on August 20th, the Nike Breaking2 cheap jordan shoes for men challenge expert team project members Bret and Dr. Luo Geng Kirby visited Beijing to run their share of Breaking2 behind the story. The Zoom Vaporfly Elite worn by three athletes in the Breaking2 program has become a topic of running shoes for a while. The super thick midsole and the new Zoom X cushioning material have made many people wonder, Luo Gang reveals that the design of early shoes is not the case. "We made a planned interim Breaking2 compared with a traditional running shoes in the bottom light, the foot pain in athletes' feedback after passing through, if at the end of shock can increase the weight of the shoe has Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping little change, they will be very happy to try, we will tear down the previous program, at a distance of formal challenges and more than a year's time when re design and ultimately made Zoom Vaporfly Elite." "Although the shoes are very thick, the weight does not increase too much," said Luo tillage. Zoom Vaporfly Elite light benefited from Nike research and development of new cushioning technology Zoom X, although the visual shoes in the bottom is very thick, but because of the characteristics of material did not add a lot of weight, and the weight of the Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite the traditional marathon racing shoes Zoom S Retro jordans for sale treak 6 is a little. For this new shock technology, Luo Geng revealed that the future will also apply Zoom X to other categories of sports shoes, not just running shoes. Zoom Vaporfly Elite although designed for ordinary consumers customized for athletes is not shared, but the use of Zoom X + full length carbon plate configuration Zoom Vaporfly 4% has been on sale, and has a number of professional athletes wearing the shoes made excellent achievements in the competition. Zoom X durability in the bottom of the degree is also a large number of runners concern, sharing the scene with runners wore Zoom Vaporfly 4% test run, i cheap foamposites n the high speed camera picture, you can see the obvious deformation in the bottom, just try to run after the end of the lateral appeared wrinkles, as the price up 1899 flagship running shoes, this new material life will be how long? Luo tillage indicates that the runners do not have to worry about the wrinkles on the outsole, and the Zoom Vaporfly 4% is the same as the traditional marathon running shoes. "When shoes are being developed, after every distance we use, we will detect the performance of the midsole in the laboratory. The result shows that the performance of midsole is not affected, so there is no difference in Retro jordans for sale the wrinkles at the bottom of the accident, and the life of the shoes is not different from the ordinary running shoes. Luo plough said. The Breaking2 challenge that belongs to is the end, but 〉Date: 2015-11-28 fan commissioning editor: Kobe HD: the last generation of boots? Kobe 11 GS physical exposure recently foreign websites exposure photo zoom Kobe eleventh, Kobe 11 can be seen basically a continuation of the design of the 10 generation, help for low photo, scaly texture vamp, purple black color consistent with the Lakers Jersey color, transparent crystal shoe bottom. The shoe box is also exposed at the same ti Cheap air jordan 12 ovo me, the 11 generation of words is obvious. But the exposure for the GS big child shoes, perhaps the details of the adult version and the configuration will be different. The date of the sale was not disclosed, and there was a message that Kobe 11 would be sold in January 2016. all star boots; WadeLook at the annual all star game, which inevitably take in under the stars on the feet of boots. As NBA banned the wearing of too fancy shoes in formal competitions, the stars often wear special shoes in the all star game. a piece of the most famous happened 19 years ago, the all star game ended, "Admiral David · Robinson cheap jordans online faced the media complaints, Pippen on the feet of the red shoes the limelight too strong, even affected the process of the game, people have found that: the original all star game is not only to appreciate the star of the show, they carefully dress also worth pondering. This tradition of NBA has a direct impact on the stars of CBA. In this year's CBA all star game, Liaoning guard Guo Ailun's "Purple duck and blue" mandarin duck shoes attracted much attention. When reporters inquired about the origin of these shoes, Guo Ailun proudly said, "this is what Wade sent to me." "flash" boots finally fire , everyone admits that the commercial value of "flash man" Wade has been greatly underestimated for a long time. Although he has also launched personal signature shoes before, he can hardly match his field performance. However, the wild lilies also have spring, and when he signed with Lining last year, the moment Wade came in. 2013's NBA all star weekend, Li Ning Co held a news conference for the All-Star special edition of Wade's new signature shoe "Wade road". It not only attracted a large number of local fans, but also Li Ning Co's best praise for Wade. Lining Wade's all star special edition consists of a purple blue two versions, Wade's color is Zijin in the all star game he was wearing shoes, surprisingly, this pair of shoes color inspiration actually originated from Yu Weide's love of fish, devil fish. devil fish name "manta ray", is a kind of living in the bottom of cartilaginous fishes in tropical and subtropical seas. The devil fish is flat, broad and long, up to 8 meters in width. Don't look at the size of the devil fish, but it does not take the initiative to attack other animals. But when it is frightened, it can not only easily kill people, but also destroy small boats. Some devil fish tail is highly toxic, and it can give people a fatal blow. Dwayne · Wade, the fish and he has a lot of similarities, in the life of Wade generous, elegant, but when he entered the stadium will behave very aggressive, impossible to guard against opponents. The all star game on the same day also coincides with the Lunar New Year Chinese times, mysterious purple color let this pair of Wade's all star special edition more charm, and this color also symbolizes the ziqidonglai, help Wade dominate the game. This year's all star game, Wade's performance is indeed not disappointing. He made 13 shots of 10 in the field, and got the second highest 21 points in the Eastern Star team and 7 times in the team.

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